Technical Specification

Kiosker offers a broad spectrum of features listed below. Kiosker is available as a freemium subscription version or as a pay upfront version. Choose the version below to explore the differences.

Select version:

Hardware requirements
  • iOS 15/iPadOS 15 or later F
  • iPhone 6s or newer F
  • iPad Air 2 or newer F

Browser capabilities
  • Full HTML5 and CSS WebKit support F
  • Native Java Script support F

Language support
  • English F
  • Arabic F
  • Simplified Chinese F
  • French F
  • German F
  • Hindi F
  • Indonesian F
  • Japanese F
  • Spanish F
  • Swedish F

  • Configure Kiosker from within the app F
  • Configure Kiosker remotely via MDM. Confirmed compatibility with Simple MDM, Microsoft Intune, IBM MaaS360, Hexnode, and Jamf Pro P
  • Export configuration as JSON or Property list F
  • Import configuration from JSON or Property list F

  • Set a homepage F
  • Set up a local webserver
  • Reload the homepage if an error occurs F
  • Set a custom user agent string
  • Automatically delete cookies
  • Disable cache
  • Manually clear cookies
  • Manually clear cache

  • Define unlimited bookmarks
  • Set a friendly name
  • Access bookmarks from the on-screen menu
  • Open a bookmark with Siri/Shortcuts
  • Add a bookmark with Siri/Shortcuts

  • Show or hide the navigation bar
  • Show or hide the status bar
  • Show or hide a load indicator at the top of the page
  • Disable auto-lock F
  • Set a default zoom

  • Show an on-screen menu that is visible on top of the website F
  • Move the on-screen menu by dragging so that it doesn't cover important parts of the website F
  • Include or exclude a menu button
  • Include or exclude a home button
  • Include or exclude a print button
  • Include or exclude a navigation toggle
  • Hide the menu automatically
  • Show the hidden menu by taping at least five times with two fingers anywhere on the screen

  • Disable user interaction
  • Disable scroll
  • Disable scroll bounce
  • Disable zoom
  • Disable double tap
  • Disable text selection
  • Disable contact links (tel://, mailto://, sms://, facetime:// & facetime-audio://)
  • Disable custom links (e.g. spotify://)
  • Disable navigation gestures
  • Restrict navigation by host (whitelisting or blacklisting)

  • Refresh the homepage or current page after a configured amount of time since the last reload F
  • Refresh the homepage when the kiosk has been idle for a configured amount of time
  • Reset the idle timer by touch or when motion is detected
  • Show a configured message before idle reload
  • Set a browsing time limit
  • Show a configured message when the browsing time limit is reached

Screensaver schedule
  • Set a weekly screensaver schedule with unlimited screensaver events
  • Set a start and end time for the screensaver event
  • Enable the screensaver event for a single or multiple weekdays
  • Set a priority for the screensaver event (higher priority will be visible over lover priority)
  • Show a clock when the screensaver is visible
  • Display an animated clock when the screensaver is visible
  • Present the Kiosker logo when the screensaver is visible
  • Display a photo or a video slideshow when the screensaver is visible
  • Display a website as the screensaver (user interaction is disabled)
  • Set a timeout for how long the screensaver should be hidden when dismissed
  • Dismiss the screensaver by touch
  • Dismiss the screensaver when the device is not in dark mode
  • Dismiss the screensaver by motion detection
  • Dismiss the screensaver when the ambient light is above a configured threshold

Code injections
  • Inject custom CSS
  • Inject custom JS
  • Match URL for injection targeting
  • Edit the custom code in the built-in code editor with syntax highlighting
  • Generate a SHA-256 code hash
  • Target the code injection for any frame or the for the main frame only

  • Pair external Flic buttons
  • Monitor paired Flic buttons battery status
  • Navigate home when a Flic button is tapped
  • Navigate to a custom URL when a Flic button is tapped
  • Show bookmarks when a Flic button is tapped
  • Send the ID of the Flic button via Java Script to the website

  • Deny website access to the camera and microphone
  • Allow website access to the camera and microphone with or without prompting the user
  • Allow or deny Java Script Integration
  • Allow or deny insecure SSL certificates F
  • Allow or deny cross-site tracking F
  • Open popups in a new window or load the popup in the current window F
  • Toggle if the settings panel should open when Kiosker starts F
  • Protect the settings panel with a passcode
  • Protect the settings panel with FaceID or TouchID
  • Disable app events logging F
  • Disable Java Script logging F

  • Autofill HTML input fields (text fields and checkboxes)
  • Autofill input fields by name, ID, class, or autocomplete
  • Match URL for autofill targeting

Client certificates
  • Authenticate requests with client certificates
  • Import .p12 certificate and key bundle
  • Configure a client certificate for one or multiple specific hosts
  • Configure a catch all client certificate for all authentication requests
  • Delete imported client certificates

Single App Mode
  • Start single app mode when Kiosker launches P
  • Manually start or stop single app mode P

  • Select the default print orientation F
  • Start an AirPrint job without prompting the user 
  • Select the default AirPrint printer

  • View the device ID F
  • Check the subscription status F
  • Send feedback via email F
  • Review and consent to our privacy policy F
  • Review licence agreement F
  • Review third party licenses F