100,000 users world wide can't be wrong!

The Kiosker app family has been downloaded over 100,000 times since its initial release in 2019. This significant milestone demonstrates our product's popularity and ability to efficiently fulfill customer requirements.

Given the dynamic nature of technology and customer expectations, we continue to innovate and improve Kiosker actively. Our continuous development strategy includes adopting new technologies, incorporating user feedback, refining our design, and enhancing feature sets. This commitment to constant evolution allows us to offer a service that is not only relevant now but will continue to meet and exceed customer expectations in the future. We aspire to continuously provide value to our customers by maintaining Kiosker as the golden standard for iOS web kiosks.


Did everything i needed and than some

Turned my website into a seamless looking app to be used in a museum. Had a question about one thing that was responded to in less than a day by the creator. Very helpful.

o2Andrew, US App Store

A perfect full-screen browser that can inject CSS/JS

I use this to work in web apps. I've bought and paid for all other kiosk apps on the app store that let you inject custom css/js (including all the expensive ones). This is hands down, the absolute best browser on the app store that lets you a) go full-screen, and b) inject custom css/js.


Great product!

Offers everything you need to have a proper kiosk program running. The details and thoughtfulness of the app can be seen through the available options provided in the app. This one app solves all of our kiosk needs

Deepreviewer, Korean App Store

Our app in short

Kiosker is a fullscreen browser for iOS that is specifically designed for running on the iPad but also works on other devices (iPhone, iPod). As a highly customizable web browser, the application lets you display custom fullscreen content on the iPad. Our application lets you control the user experience by controlling what features will be available for the user. It's possible to hide or show the navigation bar, restrict domains, return to home after a certain amount of time or when the kiosk is inactive, display other content when the kiosk is unused, disable user interaction partially or completely, pair an external Flic button and much more.

For easy maintenance, there is an option to add an expandable menu over the web content. This onscreen menu gives you access to change settings, return home, show or hide the navigation bar , navigate to your bookmarks, and print the website. To prevent unauthorized access, the onscreen menu can be hidden and shown by double-tapping five times anywhere on the screen.

Kiosker handles any website (remote or local) and doesn't require any special coding. This differs from using the native "Add to Home Screen" function which requires a webpage that is specifically developed for being rendered in fullscreen.


We are excited to see what you can create with Kiosker. Use our showroom as inspiration.

Product Guide

Tell your customers why they should buy your products by showing them an interactive product demo.

Smart Home

Control your modern home from a wall mounted iPad. Use any smart home controller that has a web-based control panel.

Sign Up

Let your customers sign up for your newsletter or your customer club.


Test your students' knowledge with a digital exam. Lock the device to Kiosker to prevent cheating.


Transform your iPad into a weather station by displaying an online weather forecast dashboard.

Social Media

Show your visitors your success on social media, and encourage them to follow you on social media platforms.