Kiosker is a powerful yet easy-to-use web kiosk for iPad and iPhone. It has everything you need to build your custom kiosk solution, including an idle timer, screensaver, code injection, and more.

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Subscription with a free trial

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Pay-upfront professional version

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Powerful configuration for your perfect kiosk

Customize Kiosker in the user-friendly configuration panel so that it suits your needs. Kiosker is developed around the idea that anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge, should be able to set up and configure a professional web kiosk.

Kiosker settings panel
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Manage basic browser settings.

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Define bookmarks for easy navigation.

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Manage appearance and screen settings.

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Manage the customizable on-screen menu.

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Restrict user interaction and navigation.

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Reload the kiosk when idle or at a specific interval.

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Display custom content when the kiosk is not in use.

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Code Injections

Inject your custom JS and CSS.

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Control the kiosk with an external Bluetooth® button.

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Manage security and privacy settings.

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Autofill selected forms with your predefined data.

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Authenticate using client certificates.

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Single App Mode

Lock your device to Kiosker.

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Manage AirPrint® settings.

Advanced screensaver for your dynamic kiosk

Create perfection for the users with Kiosker’s highly adaptable screensaver capabilities. Configure a weekly schedule, allowing you to set when the screensaver kicks in with six variant screensaver options, each addressing a unique purpose. Furthermore, configure how the screensaver dismisses with numerous alternatives, including touch, light mode, motion detection, or ambient light detection.

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Kiosker screensaver panel

Inject custom code for a tailored experience

Tailor the user experience by injecting custom JS or CSS into specified websites. This allows you to manipulate the functionality and aesthetics of a website to meet specific needs and preferences. Edit the code with the built-in syntax highlighter editor.

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Kiosker edit injection panel

Get our user-friendly and seamlessly integrated app

Our app is developed around the idea that anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge, should be able to set up and configure a web kiosk. Therefore, Kiosker is seamlessly integrated with the OS regarding graphical interface, user interaction, and system management. Start exploring Kiosker today with a free trial, or buy our Pro version on the App Store.